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Welcome to Business Coaching Headquarters! Here you'll find everything you need whether you are looking for business coaching to help you grow your business or you are a business coach who wants to get more clients.

Small Business Coaching

Business coaching is a great solution for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to grow their business by improving marketing, sales and systems while having more time off and enjoying a better work/life balance.

Business coaching can also help business owners with leadership, team building and other people management needs.

This website is organized around four core business coaching areas: marketing & sales, systems, people and coaching for business owners themselves (both personal and work-life balance related coaching).

If you are looking to get ahead in business, a masters in organizational leadership can help you learn some of the skills needed to get on the right path.

Business Coaching Practice Building

If you are a business coach, you'll find practical practice building resources to help you get clients, grow your business coaching business, develop attractive websites and use technology to help you attract profitable clients.

There are a lot of resources out there about business coaching, but most are not well organized or easy to use. Our goal is to make help you focus more on coaching.

Below are some of our most recent articles. You can also use the menu and sidebar to help you navigate the site.

Business Coaching Articles

Finding A Simpler, Faster, Easier or Better Way

When you ask someone why they do things a certain way, a very common response is “that’s just the way we do things around here!” And it probably means they don’t really know (or haven’t thought about) exactly WHY they do things the way they do. Here’s one of my favorite stories that illustrates the […]

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